At HEF Solutions, much of the data conversion work we do is behind the scenes. While legacy EMR data is important, sometimes the process of converting it to a new EMR system is viewed as a commodity – assuming everyone does it the same way.
If you’ve seen our website, we have consistently talked about HEF’s RightPath® best practices approach to data conversion. This might be viewed as “marketing speak”, but our propriety approach is truly focused on quality and the results stand out from the status quo approach.
Recently, we had the opportunity to have a highly respected HIT company notice the quality of our data conversions from a different perspective. Vedant Health provides quality management solutions that help healthcare organizations deliver better patient care. One of Vedant Health’s key offerings is their TestStream™ technology and services to provide comprehensive testing and validation for clinical systems to ensure that they’re working the way they’re supposed to, without fail.
Although we do not overlap services or directly work together on joint projects, HEF has shared common clients with Vedant Health. During their testing engagements, Vedant Health recognized that HEF’s data conversion quality made their testing process easier to complete and positively impacted the performance of the client’s clinical systems. They noticed the quality of our data conversions and they paid us the highest compliment by referring us to one of their clients without having ever working directly with us. Vedant Health’s CEO, Raymond Bell stated, “We take pride in providing the highest quality services to our clients. It was refreshing to see some of HEF Solutions’ quality conversion efforts during recent engagements. It made our engagement run smoothly and provided our client the ability to achieve their internal goal of providing the best and safest patient care. We like to associate ourselves with organizations that can provide our clients with high-quality solutions. We feel it is our obligation to watch out for our clients, even when they are in need of solutions outside of our service offerings; and we like to refer companies to our clients that have the same work ethic and values as Vedant Health.”
I have to admit that we share the same mindset as Vedant Health and it was very rewarding to have a respected HIT firm recognize our efforts firsthand. At HEF, we focus on the data and Vedant Health focuses on clinical system performance – it’s the perfect combination to help our clients get the most from their technology investments.
Although we are not partners in the sense that we directly work together on projects… we are partnered philosophically in a quest for quality and optimal HIT performance. It aligns with our organization’s common goal of providing the best outcomes for our clients.
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