The History of
HEF Solutions

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About HEF Solutions

Founded in 2008, HEF Solutions is a healthcare technology firm specializing in EMR data conversion, enterprise data archival and technical services specific to the healthcare industry. We support strategies to meet the challenges of the ever-changing landscape and implement solutions that allow our clients to gain the greatest value from their clinical data.

We offer a broad range of
healthcare data Conversion and Archival Services:


Tailored to Your Needs

HEF specializes in extracting and converting data from many of the major Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management Systems.



A Simple Solution for Legacy EMR

PatientArchive is an enterprise data repository for all your legacy clinical data, allowing you to retire old EMR systems.


The Top Data Conversion Experts

HEF Solutions works with our clients as a trusted partner to guide them through the data conversion process – providing honest, expert advice every step of the way to set clear expectations and ensure everything runs like clockwork.


Fast EMR Conversion with
The RightPath® Process

We believe that complete and accurate data is so IMPORTANT to a successful conversion experience that it must be handled with careful planning and quality control. We have developed our proprietary RightPath Process for data conversions to ensure we follow all the best practices for a successful conversion.

As part of the RightPath Process, HEF conducts important iteration testing for each module at critical points during the conversion process to proactively address data issues well before your system goes live.

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