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We’re a trusted partner in data conversion for Healthcare IT firms across the US. Turn to HEF Solutions to satisfy your clients needs for secure and compliant data migration, conversion, or archival.

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HEF Solutions works with a broad range of healthcare consultants as a trusted partner and expert resource to compliment and expand their menu of services. When you partner with HEF, you get a complete team of healthcare data experts on your side.

Why Partner With HEF Solutions?

Legacy data is the lifeblood of patient care – so when your clients are faced with data conversions or healthcare data challenges, they need expert solutions that they can trust. HEF offers the complete range of options for EMR/PM conversions that can be customized for your clients’ specific needs. Our team of data conversion experts follow our proven RightPath® Process – which is our best practices approach to data conversion hallmarked by the highest level of quality control.

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss partnering with your firm to provide solutions for your clients’ healthcare data challenges.

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