If you’re in the middle of switching to a new EMR system, you might have just found out that your EMR vendor is only moving the demographic data to the new system. The sales person said they would “import data into the new system” but you come to find out that it’s just demographics. This can send you into a frenzy trying to quickly find a data conversion partner to ensure your legacy clinical data gets moved to the new system. So where do you start?

Not all data conversion vendors offer the same approach or results, so it’s important to ask the right questions. If your data conversion partner does not follow best practices, skips steps or neglects quality assurance until your new EMR goes live, your legacy data and new EMR could be compromised. Don’t risk your data!

Ten Important Questions to Ask Data Conversion Vendors

At HEF Solutions, we encourage you to ask the following important questions when evaluating data conversion partners to ensure you know exactly how each vendor will approach your conversion and what to expect:


  1. Does your company have experience converting data from my specific EMR/PM? If so, how many conversions have you performed?
  2. What is your specific process for data conversions?
  3. Does your process include quality assurance testing prior to EMR go-live? Walk us through your QA process.
  4. What is the timeline from start-to-finish? How is it timed with the EMR go-live?
  5. Will I have uninterrupted access to my legacy data during the conversion process?
  6. Can all my data from my old EMR/PM be mapped to my new system (demographics and discrete data)? Will anything be left behind? Are there any additional costs for various data?
  7. Who is responsible for obtaining the data from our existing EMR/PM vendor?
  8. Who is responsible for cleaning up the data? Any existing data issues to address?
  9. Should I keep my legacy EMR/PM up and running after the conversion? Is data archival an option?
  10. What contingency plans will be in place in case something goes wrong?

Asking the right questions upfront during the evaluation process will help you understand what each data conversion vendor will deliver. Price can be misleading because you might not be comparing apples to apples if you don’t dig deep enough about their processes, timelines and deliverables. Taking the time to carefully vet your data conversion partner will help protect your priceless legacy data and ensure you have a positive go-live experience with your new EMR.


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