Whether you’re upgrading your EMR system or changing EMRs due to a recent acquisition, you might have found yourself in a quandary over how to effectively convert your legacy patient data to the new EMR.
Many healthcare organizations are surprised to find that their new EMR vendor is only moving demographic information to the new system. The legacy patient data can be moved… for an additional fee that is often hefty.
You start looking for EMR data conversion vendors who can assist with converting the legacy data, but find there are a wide range of options available including full discrete conversions, non-discrete conversions and data archival options – all with varying price tags. It’s difficult to determine which path to choose.
But before anyone can move your data from the old EMR to the new system, you need to retrieve your legacy data from the old EMR vendor. At that point, you realize that your old EMR vendor wants you to PAY to backup your data. They also don’t seem overly responsive since they are losing your business.

HEF Helps You Navigate Data Conversion

HEF Solutions is committed to providing honest, expert advice to guide you through the data conversion process. We can help with both sides of legacy data conversion. We can extract your historical data from the legacy EMR system without any help from your EMR vendor. The extracted data can be migrated to the new EMR or can be simply archived into HEF’s PatientArchive®. There’s no need to pay two vendors for conversion and once archived, you can stop paying the old EMR vendor for annual support and shut down the old EMR system.
The best place to start with your data conversion is to contact HEF Solutions for a consultation. We can help get you on the right track to converting your legacy data in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.