Once an acquisition or merger deal is closed, both the parent’s organization and the acquired healthcare facility are often faced with the challenge of managing patient records across disparate EMR/PM systems. In most cases, the acquired facility must convert to the parent ’s system as quickly as possible.
The Importance of EMR/PM Data Conversion

Successful conversion of legacy patient data to the new EMR/PM system is a key success factor in any merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy and should be completed by a trusted data conversion expert. Healthcare providers have valid concerns about whether they will be able to view all the legacy patient data they have collected throughout the years during the EMR/PM conversion. Patient history is vital to patient care – and it’s also necessary for the Legal Health Record and other government regulations.

HEF Solutions helps make the transition comfortable by maintaining access to critical legacy data during the EMR/PM conversion process. This helps accelerate ROI from the merger/acquisition and improves provider satisfaction during the transition.

The RightPath to EMR/PM Conversion Success

HEF’s team of data conversion experts follows our proven RightPath® Process, which is our best practices approach to EMR/PM data conversion. When a full discrete conversion is not desired or possible, HEF offers our secure web-based PatientArchive® legacy data repository with robust search and reporting capabilities.

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