At HEF Solutions, clients typically contact us because they’re struggling to access critical parts of their legacy clinical data when implementing a new EMR system. During our 10 years in the healthcare industry, we are consistently challenged with unique situations. No two projects are the same!
Depending on the EMR system, the process of extracting historical data can range from routine to complex. HEF thrives on providing creative solutions to get the job done. Recently, HEF worked with a large healthcare organization with patient health records for 300,000+ patients as they were moving away from a major cloud-based EMR vendor. Each patient could have hundreds of individual encounters within their individual patient health record.
At the time the healthcare organization approached HEF, the only option to export historical data was for the EMR vendor to produce one large PDF document per patient with all records/images merged together. Some patients could have 1000+ pages for their individual patient record with no good table of contents or easy way to access specific portions of the record. This would force medical staff to page through the thousands of pages to find specific patient data.
The client was able to get its EMR vendor to keep a ‘Read-Only’ version of the EMR system available while they were working on a solution. The EMR vendor then agreed to provide the extracted records in an HTML format instead of PDF, which opened up the option of extracting specific patient data from these legacy patient records.

Our Creative Solution

HEF was able to program a solution that parsed out the historical patient information requested by the client and move it to our PatientArchive® solution. It took approximately one month for HEF to build a solution that would allow us to extract the data from the HTML format. Once we began parsing the data from more than 300,000+ patient records, we reduced the huge data parsing run-time to about 3 weeks by utilizing concurrent applications that ran across four servers. Through creative problem-solving, HEF was able to retrieve critical documents, notes, and images that our client’s medical staff required from the old EMR system. Working quickly and accurately, we made this data accessible through PatientArchive.

Free Your Legacy Patient Data

Even in the most difficult situations, HEF prides itself on providing creative solutions to help our clients find ways to extract and maintain access to their legacy patient data. We can evaluate your situation and help you find a much better solution to free your legacy data.