Healthcare Data Conversion for EMR Vendors

Are you an EMR Vendor? Trying to onboard new clients? HEF Solutions will help migrate new clients onto your platform by converting or archiving their legacy data.

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Helping EMR Vendors Acquire New Business

There are over 500 EMR vendors operating in the healthcare industry and acquiring new business is always a top priority. When just a handful of EMR vendors control over 85% of the hospital market, it is critical for up and coming EMR vendor companies to offer data conversion and archival in order to stay relevant and competitive.

HEF Solutions partners with EMR vendors to provide expert data conversion services as well as legacy data archival solutions to their customers to make transitioning to a new system as simple and pain free as possible. Stay competitive and speak with one of our data conversion specialists today.

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Why EMR Vendors should offer EMR Conversion and Data Archival through HEF Solutions?

When changing to a new EMR or PM system, your customers top concern may be retaining legacy data and if there is no plan or strategy in place this can be a roadblock for your organization during the sales process. Offering the ability to access years of legacy data when their new system goes live makes your company stand out from the competition. Having a proven and experienced data conversion partner on your team can ease client fears and ensure a positive go-live experience. Boost customer satisfaction with HEF by having expert data conversion specialists care for your new prospects. Learn how we convert EMR quickly and easily with our RightPath® Process. If budget is a concern for you or your client then we suggest our enterprise archival solution, PatientArchive®.

Getting Started With a EMR Conversation

We welcome the opportunity to discuss partnering with your EMR company to provide the ideal solution for your customers’ EMR data conversion needs. We know that you will find HEF to be a powerful ally that will add valuable services and proven expertise that will give you the edge over your competition.

For a free consultation please fill out our contact form or call us at 630-626-2079

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