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EMR CONVERSION for Healthcare Organizations

Founded in 2008, HEF Solutions is a healthcare technology firm specializing in EMR data conversion, enterprise data archival, and technical services specific to the healthcare industry. We support strategies to meet the challenges of the ever-changing landscape and implement solutions that allow our clients to gain the greatest value from their clinical data.

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Work with the Best EMR Conversion Specialists

HEF Solutions partners with hospitals and healthcare networks of all sizes to provide expert consultation for EMR conversion strategies to create a positive go-live experiences. We focus on converting emr or ehr systems quickly and correctly to avoid loss of data. HEF follows our proven RightPath® Process, which is a best practices for EMR conversions that includes the highest levels of quality control. Learn how we save our clients thousands of dollars while remaining complaint and secure during their EMR or EHR conversions.


We understand that your EMR data conversion must not disrupt your operations or patient care. Our healthcare data conversion experts work take care of your system upgrades so staff and management can focus on providing a continuity of care to your patient population. Our priority is to make this transition as quickly and cost effectively as possible while maintaining access to all necessary patient data during the conversion.

An Alternative to EMR Conversions

If a full EMR migration to a new EMR does not fit your budget, HEF Solutions offers
our enterprise legacy archive solution, PatientArchive®.

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