Legacy EMR Data Archival

Preserve Legal Medical Records with HEF Solution Patient Archive Services! Professional EHR Archival for Your Patient Records. Migrate without Losing Legacy Data. Personalized Approach.

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Online Medical Records Storage Solution

PatientArchive® is a superior, vendor neutral, online medical records storage solution for archiving and accessing electronic medical records, including both EMRs and EHRs from your legacy EMR system. PatientArchive® acts as a storage solution for all legacy EMR’s and a cloud based repository for all of your legacy medical data across your organization, allowing you to retire and cut support costs for your old EMR systems. Using an easy-to-use web-based interface, users have full search, print and export capabilities for your legacy EMR data.

benefits For

EMR and EHR Data Archive Solutions
For Legacy Medical Record Data:

  • Preservation of full legal patient record
  • Reduce ongoing legacy EMRs costs
  • Quick implementation time
  • Single point of access to several old EMR


  • Full chart print functionality
  • Cloud access to current EMR
  • Secure web-based application
  • Access to patient audit logs
  • PDF exports of patient chart items
  • Easy to use – minimal training required
  • Simple Legacy Data Management Strategy
  • Fastest healthcare data archiving available
Comply with State Medical Record Retention Laws!
Preserve Legal Patient Records and Lower Costs!

PatientArchive allows practices to maintain the full legal patient record required by state law. The cost to do this through PatientArchive is typically a fraction of the cost it would be to maintain your legacy EMR licensing, maintenance and support agreements.

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