PatientArchive is a superior, vendor neutral solution for archiving and accessing electronic medical records from your legacy EMRs. It acts as a repository for all of your legacy EMR data across your organization, allowing you to retire your old EMR systems. Using an easy-to-use web-based interface, users have full search, print and export capabilities for your legacy EMR data.

Standard features & benefits include:
  • Preservation of full legal patient record
  • No need to pay ongoing support of legacy EMRs
  • Quick implementation time
  • Single point of access to several old EMRs
  • Full chart print functionality
  • Seamless access directly from your current EMR
  • Secure web-based application
  • Access to patient audit logs
  • PDF exports of patient chart items
  • Easy to use – minimal training required


Preserve the Legal Patient Record – and Save Costs!

PatientArchive allows practices to maintain the full legal patient record required by state law. The cost to do this through PatientArchive is typically a fraction of the cost it would be to maintain your legacy EMR licensing, maintenance and support agreements.

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