We are experts in Data Conversions. HEF Solutions partners with EMR vendors to provide expert data conversion services as well as legacy data archival solutions to their customers.

Why Partner With HEF Solutions?

When changing to a new EMR or PM system, your customers are concerned about their legacy data and this can be a significant factor during the sales process. They must feel confident that they will be able to access years of legacy data when their new system goes live. Having a proven and experienced data conversion partner on your team can appease your customers’ fears during the transition process and help you deliver a positive go-live experience that boosts customer satisfaction. HEF delivers expert data conversion services using our proven RightPath® Process. If a discrete EMR conversion is not the best fit, we offer our enterprise archival solution, PatientArchive®.

It Starts With a Conversation

We welcome the opportunity to discuss partnering with your company to provide the ideal solution for your customers’ data conversion needs. We know that you will find HEF to be a powerful ally that will add valuable services and proven expertise that will give you the edge.

How Can We Help You?

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